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SE3 .net DLL

.net DLL to connect with SE3 devices to perform measurements.

Library Details

  • .net Version: 4.5.0
  • File Name: SE3 Library.dll

Version History

    • Release: 27.04.2018
    • Initial Release
    • Release: 19.07.2018
    • Firmware Update feature added
    • not publicly released


This .net DLL is meant to leverage streaming of force measurements with DriveTest SE3 devices in customer applications. Streaming is available at several data rates.

The library is not capable of permanently changing the configuration of SE3 devices. For this purpose use the program DriveTest PinchPilot. SE3 .net DLL assumes that the SE3 device is correctly configured.


The following applies to versions prior to only

The library requires a license to be used. This is enforced by an entitlement management system, which has to be installed on the target system. Plase download and run the following installer in order to use SE3 .net library. After installation, activation is required, as described in the DriveTest Licensing Manual.

DriveTest License Installer v1.1

Theory of Operation

SE3 Library provides a class SE3 which exposes funtions for control of the device and properties for reading data. SE3 implements the INotifyPropertyChanged interface which allows the use of Data Binding.

  1. Create SE3 Object
  2. Hook Event Handler SE3 PropertyChanged or use SE3 object as data source with Data Binding.
  3. Optional: Get device list for selected interface (currently Serial Port only)
  4. Connect to SE3 device
  5. Start measurement stream. Process data in Event Handler
  6. Stop measurement stream
  7. Disconnect SE3 device

Functions, Properties and Events



  • Constructor
  • Parameters:
    • Interface_Type communication_interface: Enum that specifies communication interface. Currently only serial supported
  • Return value: none


  • Establish connection
  • Parameters
    • String selectedDevice: Name of port or device used for communication with SE3, e.g. “COM1”
    • Prior to v1.0.4.0: ref String licenseStatusString: Information on SE3 Library license status
  • Return value: Boolean
    • true: Connection to SE3 successfully established
    • false: Connection could not be established. Check COM Port, SE3 power status and connection cable


  • Closes connection to SE3 device
  • Parameters: none
  • Return value: none


  • Start acquisition and transfer of force values.
  • Parameters
    • Boolean enableTara: toggle tare of zero force before starting to stream force values
    • SE3SampleRate sampleRate: sample rate of force value acquisition
    • SE3MeasurementData dataKind: configures if normal (scaled), raw (unscaled) or test data is transmitted
  • Return value: none


  • Stops acquisition and transfer of force values.
  • Parameters: none
  • Return value: none


  • Refreshed the list of devices of the specified communication interface stored in Property Device_List
  • Parameters: none
  • Return value: none


  • Executes Firmware Update. SE3 disconnects ready and in case of failure.
  • Parameters:
    • String fw_file_path: absolute path of zip file with two *.srec files and one *.bin file
  • Return value: none

Note: This function is not meant for customer use.



Fires when any Property of SE3 object changed its value.

Event Arguments:

  • object sender: SE3 object
  • PropertyChangedEventArgs e: Event Arguments. String e.PropertyName contains name of changed Property



  • Data Type: Int32
  • Format: 0-100
  • Meaning: Percentage to which the battery is charged


  • Data Type: Int32
  • Format: 0-100
  • Meaning: Percentage to which the battery is charged


  • Data Type: Int32
  • Format: 0-65565 mapping 0-3.8kOhm
  • Meaning: Resistance between SE3 configuration pins


  • Data Type: ObservableCollection<String>
  • Format: name as string
  • Meaning: device names of specified communication interface
  • Remark: updates on call of function UpdateDeviceList


  • Data Type: SE3ErrorCodes
  • Format: enum
  • Meaning: Error information on malfunction of SE3 device or communication


  • Data Type: String
  • Format: Major.Minor.Revision.BuildNo
  • Meaning: Firmware version of SE3 device software


  • Data Type: Int32
  • Format: values 0..100
  • Meaning: Progress in percent of transmission of firmware image to SE3 device


  • Data Type: String
  • Format: String describing status
    • “not started” - after connecting device
    • “initializing” - during negotiation of update process between device and computer
    • “transmission in progress” - firmware data is transmitted to device
    • “finished” - firmware update process has finished
    • “failure” - firmware update process failed
    • “disconnected during transmission” - connection to devices has be cut during firmware data transmission
  • Meaning: String describing status of Firmware Update Process


  • Data Type: Boolean
  • Format: true=connection established, false=device not connected
  • Meaning: Information on connection status with SE3 device


  • Data Type: Boolean
  • Format: true=streaming in progress, false=streaming not in progress
  • Meaning: Information on status of streaming


  • Data Type: String
  • Format: pppp.ssss.c.ll, with p = numeric DriveTest Part Number, s = running number, c = alphabetical Change Index, l = numeric life cycle. E.g. “0506.0765.A.01”
  • Meaning: Unique Serial Number of SE3 device


  • Data Type: ObservableCollection<SE3State>
  • Format: Collection of SE3State
  • Meaning: State Information on SE3 device. Including information on button push events
  • Remark: Several states can be active at the same time


  • Data Type: ObservableCollection<int>
  • Format: depends on parameter dataKind passed to function StartStream
  • Meaning: values representing measured force with unit 1/16 N


  • Data Type: String
  • Format: Major.Minor
  • Meaning: Version of SE3 device communicatio protocol

USB Settings

DriveTest SE3 force meter devices use a USB-to-Serial conversion chip from FTDI. The driver for this chip is included in Windows (7 and later). In Windows, the force meter appears as a serial COM Port.

When streaming measurement data from the force meter device at high sample rates (>250 samples per second), USB settings for the force meter COM port have to be tweaked.

Open Windows Device Manager

In Windows Device Manager:

  • Go to branch “Ports”
  • Right click “USB Serial Port” device to open the context menu. If not sure which one to select, disconnect SE3 device and see which device disappears.
  • From the context menu, select “Properties”

USB Serial Port Properties

In the Properties dialog that has opened:

  • Select tab “Port Settings”
  • Click button “Advanced…”

Advanced Settings for COMx

In the Advanced Settings dialog that has opened:

  • Frame “USB Transfer Sizes”, Drop-Down button “Receive (Bytes)”, select “64”
  • Frame “USB Transfer Sizes”, Drop-Down button “Transmit (Bytes)”, select “64”
  • Frame “BM Options”, Drop-Down button “Latency Timer (msec)”, select “1”

Close all dialog windows with "OK" Button

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