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DriveTest Licensing

General Information

All DriveTest products are protected by a license. The customer is free to try the product for a limited time. The trial time starts with the first execution of the software and lasts 14 days. After this time the software is no longer running on that PC. A perpetual license can be purchased from DriveTest at any time.


After purchasing a perpetual license from DriveTest the product can be activated either offline or online.

Online Activation

The online activation requires an active internet connection on the PC on which you want to activate the product. After purchasing the license you will receive a product key via email. Please go to the address and enter the product key. Follow the steps to activate your product.

System Requirements

For online activation Java RTE needs to be installed. Please make sure that the DriveTest Activation Server address is listed in the Java list for trusted sources:

  1. Install Java RTE
  2. Go to the Windows Control Panel and open the Java Control Panel
  3. Go to tab “Security”
  4. Add “” to the exceptions list

The Activation Software will ask you to download two additional files to the Java installation folder. These files are needed for the activation process.

After following these steps the DriveTest application can be activated online.

Offline Activation

If you do not have internet access on your PC or the activation server is not available it is possible to activate the product offline. Please download the RUS-tool (Remote Update System) from our website: download RUS-tool.
Before you create the fingerprint-file make sure the software you want to activate is already installed on your PC. Otherwise the created fingerprint will be invalid.

Collect Information

  1. Run the RUS-tool on the PC you want to activate
  2. Select the tab “Collect Status Information”
  3. Select “Installation of new protection key”
  4. Click “Collect Information”

The software will generate a fingerprint of your PC's hardware and save this information in a C2V-file. Please send this file to your DriveTest contact. You will receive a V2C file in response. Transfer this file to the PC you want to activate and follow these steps:
Apply License

  1. Run the RUS-tool again
  2. Go to tab “Apply License File”
  3. Select the received V2C
  4. Click “Apply Update”

The product should now be activated and is ready to use.

License Handling

Moving a License (Rehosting)

If you want to use the license on a different PC it is possible to transfer the already bought license. Download the RUS-tool and follow these steps:
Rehost a license

  1. Open the RUS tool on the recipient PC (the PC you want to activate)
  2. Select tab “Transfer License”
  3. Select a destination path for the information file
  4. Click “Collect and save information” to save the information in a *.id-file.
  5. Transfer this file to the PC where the license is active and run the RUS-tool
  6. Select tab “Transfer License”
  7. Select the active license in the list view
  8. Select the id-file and a destination for the license transfer file
  9. Click “Generate License Transfer File”
  10. Transfer this file to the recipient PC
  11. Open the RUS-tool on tab “Apply License File”
  12. Select the License Transfer File and click “Apply Update”

The license is now transferred to your new PC.

Exchange parts of the PC

If parts of your PC crash and you have to exchange them the license should still be alive. Refer to the following table to see what prevents the protected software from operating:
License behaviour

If you want to transfer the license please refer to Moving a License (Rehosting)

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