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Device Finder .net DLL

.net DLL which uses information provided by Windows drivers to find connected devices from Drive Test, which use a FTDI Serial-to-USB Converter

Library Details

  • .net Version: 4.5.0
  • File Name: DTDeviceFinder.dll

Version History


This .net DLL is meant to facilitate finding and identifying devices by Drive Test, which communicate over a virtual COM-Port. Momentarily only Devices using a FTDI chip, will be recognised.

This .DLL does not include methods to communicate with the devices. For this purpose use the dedicated libraries:

Currently the following devices by Drive Test incorporate a FTDI chip:

  • SE3
  • SEB2.2
  • K-Line Adaptor

Theory of Operation

The DLL provides a method to find all connected USB Devices. For connected USB devices using a FTDI chip, it tries to determine a serial number and the COM-Port the device is using.

Custom DataTypes, Functions, Properties and Events

Custom DataType


A class/struct holding information for a device connected over USB. For devices from Drive Test using a FTDI Chip it has some extra information for direct identification and the current COM-Port. If this extra information is not available, an empty string is added.

Member Variables

  • Type:String, Name:“deviceInstancePath”, Description: Path to the Hardware from Windows Device Manager
  • Type:String, Name:“description”, Description: Description which is found in the Windows Device Manager
  • Type:String, Name:“busDescription”, Description: The description returned from the bus
  • Type:String, Name:“serialNumber”, Description: Serial Number stored in the FTDI-Chip
  • Type:String, Name:“deviceInstancePath”, Description: Current COM-Port associated with the device



This function triggers a refresh of the list with connected devices. There are two versions available: If no filters should be used, the version without input parameters can be used. For filtering the device list, the function with input parameters could be used.

Parameter 1: Boolean “onlyFTDI”

If set to true, the list will contain only devices which report the vendor id(VID) from FTDI

Parameter 2: String[] “filterBusDescription”

If the size of this array is greater than one, the list will contain only devices, whose “Bus Description” exactly match one of the provided strings.

Example for a call filtering for SE3 devices:

DeviceFinder finder = new DeviceFinder();
String[] filterStrings =  new String[1];
filterStrings[0] = "DriveTest SE3";



Fires when the list of Devices is updated

Event Arguments:

  • object sender: DTDevFinder
  • PropertyChangedEventArgs e: Event Arguments. String e.PropertyName contains name of changed Property



  • List<Win32DeviceMgmt.DeviceInfo>
  • List of all USB-Devices(maybe filtered)
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